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We should be in the wellness business. One reason we have done better than most at integrating facilities is that I personally spend a lot of time on personnel. We should not just be in the sickness business.

We have a program nowBut to make that happen you

We have a program now that has provided two years of training for physicians. But to make that happen, you have to start working on it today, and you have to acknowledge that it is a never-ending job. You also need to make sure you put the right people in leadership positions. But when you take out costs, you want to make sure you change the process so that the money that comes out, stays out. In the early s, North Shore University Hospital was one of the first organizations on the East Coast to begin creating an organized system out of multiple independent hospitals.

It quickly becomes obvious which integrations are hard and which are easy, and so you start with the easy ones. We are now among the best in the country in a number of areas, such as purchasing expenses, patient discharge practices, staff turnover, patient satisfaction and employee engagement. They can use their influence to bring others along.

It starts with the people. We hold people very accountable.

Everything is transparent, and all the metrics are standardized. They may not be the ones with titles, but they can be informal leaders and use their influence to bring others along.

You have to become more efficient. Then they will begin saving money. We are now working with them to develop a distribution center for all of our supplies and to create a group purchasing organization. So we have to shift to getting paid for performance.

If you talk about saving money, they will never work with you. You have to set up processes to eliminate waste. And then, as part of that process, they will begin saving money.