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Because these people do seem to be among the happiest I've met. We have finished work on the raw-earth tool shed for the day, and he has turned his attention to his olive trees.

The people who work here come in for lunch and dinner and we all sit at large wooden tables. One night, Alessio's band plays an entertaining, if odd, mix of freestyle jazz and Italian rap metal, in one of the smaller buildings, where he has built a stage. That trip, she says, changed her life. After-work refreshment comes in the form of a huge jar of white wine, drunk from small glasses with muddy hands.

They don't seem to know what to do with me. Things improve later in the week when lentil dishes and a porcini risotto appear.

For the first few days, the monotony of pasta with courgettes is broken only by a courgette omelette. The main house, a beautiful stone building ringed with rosemary bushes, was once a watchtower for Monestevole castle, on the other side of the mountain. He sits high in a tree, pruning saw in hand, in a grove that tumbles away to the valley below.

The people who work

This is Tribewanted's third project. The wall is barely four feet high when the wine comes out and work slows. The news that I don't eat meat is alarming to my Italian hosts. There isn't any pressure to help, and anyway, depending on the weather, there aren't always things to be done. Keene stresses that this isn't a volunteer project, but a hillside retreat where guests can get involved in daily work if they want to.

One night Alessio's band