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We invite you to join us in this important conversation. Most importantly, as Michael H.

To find out, I asked Asia Foundation experts to share what they view will be the pivotal issue in their respective countries this year. The region has witnessed game-changing shifts in regional roles and economic and security dynamics. Although stats indicate that the national median wage growth has generally outpaced inflation, it is lower than price growth in many consumer items, especially food goods.

Arnold is president of The Asia Foundation. Arnold More than half of the planet lives in Asia. However, with local government elections scheduled in March, pandering to populism is likely to take precedence over the big ticket reforms that everyone is awaiting. As a frontline state in this conflict, Vietnam has drawn closer to the U.

Among these challenges are widening income disparities, persistent poverty, widespread corruption, and growing ethnic and religious conflicts. He can be reached at president asiafoundation. More than half of the planet lives in Asia.

From buying influence to spending public funds on personal interests, corruption is eroding public trust in fragile democratic processes, the rule of law, and public institutions. Twenty months on, there is no definitive timeline for elections, the economy lies in the doldrums, and the government has all but silenced critics through controversial legal and other measures. Public perception is positive after he made a bold statement against the powerful speaker of the House on a potential corruption case.

From buying influence to spendingTwenty months on there

The dynamism of Asian economies contributed greatly to the global economic recovery, simultaneously lifting more than half a billion people out of poverty. Increased salinity and rising sea levels are reducing arable and habitable land in coastal areas, driving millions of climate refugees from their homes to seek new livelihoods in urban areas. The prospect of a disastrous winter or dzud ahead may result in catastrophic losses of livestock that would ruin the livelihoods of dzud-affected herders.