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Many hearts were broken

Panshanger Community Airfield is the entity behind Project Phoenix which was formed by a group of local community experts who are passionate about aviation and care about the community. Together we need your help reopening the aerodrome under the name of Project Phoenix to recreate the true magic that was present on the airfield. Several North Vietnamese officials have made statements about the effectiveness of Phoenix.

Many hearts were broken when the front gates where locked and the last aircraft took off with no intention to land there again. It was renamed Phoenix later in the same year. They would also kill people by throwing them out of helicopters to threaten and intimidate those they wanted to interrogate.

Sometimes they'd come back to camp with ears to prove that they killed people. Phoenix advisers throughout South Vietnam. The dowel had been tapped through in the course of torture to hit the brain. Panshanger was not just integrated into the heart of its surrounding community, but was a community centre in itself. Phoenix tried to address this problem by establishing monthly neutralization quotas, but these often led to fabrications or, worse, false arrests.

It was renamed Phoenix later in

Emphasis for the enforcement of the operation was placed on local government militia and police forces, rather than the military, as the main operational arm of the program. It's not like you had their address and telephone number. As far as they were concerned whoever answered was a Communist, including family members.