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They will discover farming practices that range from agriculture to aquaculture and see a huckleberry machine, antique tractors and a hydroponic garden. Some homes are custom built and well established with some charm. This event is one of the largest community events on the Key Peninsula.

Follow the history of the Key Peninsula by visiting the links below. Key Center, the heart of the peninsula with shopping, dinning, and old time charm.

Other homes are much larger multi family dwellings with all the modern amenities one could ask for. Minter, earliest history in the area and known for its oyster farm.

Longbranch envisioned as a East Coast

Longbranch envisioned as a East Coast type seaside resort. When first mapped by Peter Puget, the area was populated with various Indian tribes who fished clamed and hunted the bounty of the Key Peninsula. Spend the night, weekend, vacation, or a lifetime on the Key Peninsula.

The first settler to the Key Peninsula was W. Take delight in the abundant natural beauty and small wildlife that occupies this one of a kind location.

When first mapped by Peter Puget

Lakebay Lakebay and Bay Lake named for their close proximity to each other. Vaughn William Vaughn made the first land claim on the Key Peninsula on the south side of the bay that now bears his name. The Key Peninsula offers tranquility and peace to its residents without sacrificing convenience to neighboring cities.