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The Girl in Green by Derek B. Miller download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Her existence, or lack thereof, speaks to the fact that everything has changed in Iraq, and nothing has changed. Indeed, soon after you start reading The Girl In Green you notice that the story comes eerily close to the headlines we read in the news almost every day. Both men are changed irrevocably by the incident, though it is Hobbes who will show it first. The second part of the novel takes place mostly on the border between Iraq and Syria. Private Arwood Hobbes is bored and frustrated.

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There was a problem adding your email address. The narrative moves to and Benton is surprised to hear from Hobbes. Bursting with humanity and humor, The Girl in Green is heartbreaking and hopeful in equal measures, delivering nail-biting suspense while bringing readers into the heart of the conflict in Iraq. Although Arwood and Thomas are the main protagonists, there are plenty of other heroes and they come in many different races, genders, nationalities and religious backgrounds.

Benton is on the prowl for unsanctioned information about ongoing conflicts. Miller found himself smack-dab in the middle of the action as an American university student studying abroad in Israel in the early s.

For Benton the change is more insidious. For America and its allies the war might be over, but scores of Iraqi Shiites, many of whom rose against their government, are being massacred by Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. The year-old Hobbes is on patrol at Checkpoint Zulu, miles from the Kuwaiti border. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Benton is able to persuade Hobbes to let him pass through to Samawah, so that he can report upon rumours of a Shiite uprising against the Sunni Baathist Party. Miller does a good job using these characters to offer different perspectives and to convey the cultural and geopolitical nuances of the region.