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The First Casualty by Peter Greste download in iPad, pdf, ePub

With a typically fast-paced, action-packed, punchy style, he is known for bringing history to life through the eyes of those who were there. She has a brief but passionate affair with Kingsley, who is both enamoured of and horrified by her unashamed vulgarity. Kingsley narrowly prevents him from raping a teenage girl, and throughout the story Shannon displays a cold disregard for women, civilians, conscientious objectors and victims of shell shock. The level of patriotism and zeal is definatley taken a nosedive following the two great wars and loss of the Empire.

Specialising in overturning the myths or investigating the unknown, from breaking hidden codes to discovering lost battlefields. There isn't a hint of Blackadder humour in this book. There are several terribly grim scenes, for example where a soldier misses his footing and disappears in a sea of mud never to be seen again. The very best of Ben Elton's novels. This makes his history easily accessible to the layman, expert and academic alike, whilst taking the reader on a voyage of discovery and laying the evidence bare.

Phillips is opening the secrets

In all, a gripping story of action and heroism, denied for political convenience and which, I hope, shall change the face and the history of this fascinating conflict for good. His passion to make sure these stories are told along with the willingness and openness of the Marines to share their experiences will ensure a new perspective on the Falklands war is heard. Not the story of cowardice and defeat, but the true story of the battle and the heroism you were no meant to know about. This acclaimed book is a labour of love for Ricky.

Phillips is opening the secrets of the Falklands War. The story that followed was one of a shameful defeat and ignominious surrender. Phillips is fast becoming one of the most recognisable names in the military history world today. It has been decided by both the author and the men concerned to launch this through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Captain Shannon - An unbalanced, sadistic psychopath whose warped mentality has clearly been exacerbated by his experiences of war.

The story that followed was