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The Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Oh and it's a great adventure

Of course there would be protests. It's not like people are going to clone themselves out in space. It's not just a space race.

To me it was

Of course resources would have to be re-allocated despite shortages, resulting in riots and whatnot. Or course ignorance would hinder progress. Yes, that is horrible and a strain. Elma has been shuttling to and from the Moon but that doesn't mean that the space program has become any easier or any less political. There's no bra-burning here.

To me, it was important to not just come up with a solution going to Mars and then focusing completely on packing up and leaving. Oh, and it's a great adventure, two ships going to mars, lots of complications, and a few really big and wonderful heart-to-hearts. What makes the novel special is the luck and quirk and the actions of the women to get themselves equal access to the whole project.

It wouldn't be that easy after all. Especially since certain people knew about her mental health problems and used that knowledge, showing them to be quite despicable themselves.