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John, however, in his retelling of this story has been building up to this moment. Matthew, in his account, focuses more on the reactions and experience of the disciples, particularly upon Peter. Who plants His footsteps in the seas and rides upon the storm.

Matthew in his account focuses

Believing the truth will not only free me from the bondage, but will keep me from getting into bondage. Not a Jesus whose only role is to fuel our comfort but a Jesus who commands our utter submission and awe.

John however in his

And yet here, it seems also redolent of this moment as Jesus comes walking through the storm to the disciples. They are quaking as He comes close with the wind and the rains swirling around them. No doubt it would have made me tremble but not these men. God gave them that commandment in the beginning not to bind or limit them, but to keep them free and safe. The storm, it seems, immediately becomes calm and they swiftly are able to arrive at a safe haven.

Never the less, the small still voice of our Father encouraged me there was hope for me to be free. Obeying the word instead of the fear, would cast out the fear. They knew these waters well. Then in our passage, the disciples and Jesus make their way across the sea to Capernaum.