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The Decadent Duke by Virginia Henley download in iPad, pdf, ePub

The first part of the story is, as I said before, rather slow to unfold as Amanda practices her deception on Langdon while at the same time being unable to resist him. Hence the title, The Decadent Duke.

James brother with whom she finds herself on the darkened terrace. Not the best book but it was ok. But Amanda is living a lie. There were a few things I didn't like about the book.

Creepy Duke dies and Georgina's true love is now the Duke of Bedford. She is determined that Georgina will marry the Duke of Bedford. The premise is intriguing and while cross-class romances can be difficult to pull off, Ms. The book was extremely boring to begin with but it got a bit more interesting as the story progressed.

The trouble is

The best part of the novel is the friendship Ms. The trouble is, that when Amanda tries to get close to Lord Harry St. His love for Georgina was really sweet. Also, once again, I had to skip over the political stuff which was of no interest to me. His latest demand is that Amanda must steal an item of great value from the home of Sir Malcolm Nutley, which is located not too far from the British Museum.

The best part of the