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Queen Mother is quickly disposed of after him. After Kwon-yoo's violent reaction to the poisonous medicinal drink, the interrogated physician admits that Minister Yoon, who is directly beneath the Queen Mother, is head of medicine.

Providing for themselves was very difficult, and they were vulnerable to those who would prey upon them. He allowed divorce and polygamy, too, although neither was part of His original plan for marriage. When her father Ahn Suk-hwan must send her to the royal palace as a concubine for the king, the two lovers try to elope but are caught after their first night together.

Concubines in the patriarchal age and beyond did not have equal status with a wife. Sung-woo, now a true king, is greeted in his room by Hwa-yeon and the two engage in sexual intercourse before Hwa-yeon kills him. Unmarried women in ancient times were completely dependent on their family members, such as their fathers, brothers, etc. Hwa-yeon discovers her former lover, Kwon-yoo, working in the castle among the eunuchs. Sung-won confronts Hwa-yeon, accusing her of hiding her lover as a fake eunuch, but dismisses the accusations after pulling down Kwon-yoo's pants to reveal his castration.

Hwa-yeon agrees to enter the palace in exchange for saving Kwon-yoo's life. In order to place his son on the throne and place a trap for the Queen Mother and King, Kwon-yoo turns on Minister Yoon by placing the poison in Sung-woo's medicinal drink.

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In a private conversation, Sung-won gifts a hair stick to Hwa-yeon as a present and confession of his feelings. One night, Sung-won enters Geum-ok's room and is frothed into a rage when he sees her wearing the hair stick he had gifted to Hwa-yeon. Most women in ancient times were uneducated and unskilled in a trade.

The Bible never explains why God allowed men to have concubines. We can assume the same hardness of heart led to polygamy and concubinage.

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Kwon-yoo and Minister Yoon are brought in to confirm or deny the plot to poison the current king. Hwa-yeon's efforts to free her father and rescue him from execution are sabotaged by Kwon-yoo, who directly undermines Sung-won's exoneration orders to ensure the man's death. The prince is no one's son. Sung-woo orders the men's execution and for the Queen Mother to be permanently placed under house arrest in her chambers. Five years later, Hwa-yeon has become the Queen from giving birth to a son.