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Meanwhile, Jane and Roxy end up in the underground sewer with Reinaldo with Jane's speech in less than two hours. While running from Max and Bennie, the two end up on stage with the band and crowd surf to get away. Max hunts them down and they escape in a cab even when Jane failed her driving test. He locks them inside but they escape through the sun roof and he chases them into the city subway where they help one another to fight him off. Conversely, Roxy believes Jane doesn't need to take control of everything and feels she's been pushed away, since she wasn't even invited to Jane's speech.

When they arrive, Roxy pretends to be Jane so she can give a speech on time, but drops the prompt cards beforehand and has to make it up on the spot, which confuses the judges. Jane explains that Roxy has never been there for her and never takes life seriously, and she feels she stopped taking responsibility for anything after their mother died, leaving Jane in charge. Jane turns up just in time who tries to explain what their day has been like and the reason for why she wasn't there. They are forced to take Reinaldo with them.

They accidentally pick up the same man that Roxy spilled her drink on in the train.

Roxy finds Bennie's limo and retrievesSeveral unlucky incidents occur as

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. They make their way to their destinations and decide to part ways.

Roxy finds Bennie's limo and retrieves Jane's day planner, but finds Trey locked in the trunk. Several unlucky incidents occur as they begin their journey such as Jane's heels snapping and being drenched by a hobo's blue slush drink. Jane and Roxy board the train into New York but are soon thrown off together after Roxy is found without a ticket. They both rush to the building where Jane is meant to give her speech, while Jane fends off Bennie and escapes once again and then runs into Jim who gives her a ride to the same place. When they stop, they argue.