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The men running the store are

Brides found their dream wedding gowns on the second floor. Commonwealth of Virginia would test whether trespassing laws constituted a violation of free speech.

The Forsyth County Public Library has copies. Stein Mart is located in the former Thalhimers space. This was back when businessmen would help each other out. Thalhimers carried clothing for all members of the family, plus home furnishings, fine china, and silver. Then during the Depression, they almost went bankrupt again.

And, Thalhimers moved to Hanes Mall when the mall opened in the s. The men running the store are described candidly as the complex individuals they were. The Richmond Room also had a fast food spin-off, the fried chicken chain Golden Skillet. The Lynnhaven store became a second Hecht's location in November of that year.

That was the true impetus to change. It is a telegram from John F. Before the department store was built this lot was occupied by the home of the Marmaduke Norfleet family.

And Thalhimers moved to

Her guest room has been transformed into the Thalhimers Memorabilia Room. Thalhimer, transformed into Richmond's first department store. Thalhimers then occupied the entire block of West Fourth Street. They borrowed a huge sum of money from a friend in New York. Ten years later the business moved to West Fourth Street.