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This rhythm is catchy because the poet first sets the rhythm, and then breaks it in the last few syllables. Is it brought from famous countries. If I take, my life is at stake, I know though. Here, the stressed or accented syllables of trochaic pattern are shown in bold-face type.

Function of Rhythm

But these criticisms are directed at that feature of Lyly's work which was peculiar, or nearly so, to him, and owe their point to this fact. In speech, rhythm is used unconsciously to create identifiable patterns. Such a characterization of Euphuism may not, it is true, pass unchallenged.

Function of Rhythm Rhythm in writing acts as beat does in music. It makes the reading smooth and melodious. This corresponds either to Cicero's cretic-trochee with resolution of the first long into two shorts, or to his beloved peon-trochee, as in esse videantur. They might be stressed for a longer period of time. It is interestingly told in a number of accessible places.

It makes the reading smooth

It consists of two syllables, the first of which is not stressed, while the second syllable is stressed. The use of rhythm in poetry arises from the need to express some words more strongly than others. They were ridiculing a particular mode which had become associated with it through the popularity of Lyly's novel. She made a star on her car.