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Street Food Diaries by Matt Basile download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Our destination experts are happy to help you set out on your food trail. The recipes are well laid out, with a separate ingredient list and easy-to-read instructions. Each chapter includes the stories behind the recipes in either the headnotes or in separate pieces scattered through the recipes. Then get off the spice trip with a sweet, cooling dessert made of coconut milk poured over ice and jellied water chestnuts.

Sadly there aren't as many desserts

But beyond the simple instructions, Matt encourages you to play with your food. Sadly, there aren't as many desserts as I would have liked, but I will still have fun creating a lot of these recipes in my kitchen in the very near future.

Include a half-day street food tour in Penang and sample Malaysian favorites Plan a gastronomic adventure in the streets and busy bazaars of Southeast Asia. Visit host Dewa and his wife, Jero, at their charming house.

Walk past busy shops displaying a colorful array of local merchandise and turn into smaller alleyways where mouthwatering food buffets and local snacks await. Across the Chang Puak Gate, at a popular stall, a woman in a cowboy hat slow roasts a mean pork leg. With an intro that's very personal and highly entertaining, Matt's style of writing is carried throughout the book, which is sprinkled with lots of stories and funny anecdotes. The recipes are interspersed with stories.

Pho is a slow-cooked broth infused with star anise ladled over thinly sliced meat, vegetables, and rice noodles, and topped with basil, mint, bean sprouts, chilies, and fried scallions. Make sure you include a tour of the famous night market of Luang Prabang in northern Laos.

But beyond the simple instructions

Cool off a yummy local dessert made of shaved ice topped with palm sugar, pandan leaf jelly, coconut milk and red beans. There are a lot of messy, drippy, saucy shots of food. You can then help Jero cook and eat a traditional Indonesian meal. Your Enchanting Travels consultant will plan a half-day Penang street food tour for you during your Malaysia tour. Some recipes are introduced with a personal story or tidbit on what makes the recipe special.

While Thai food is known for its heat, Vietnamese cuisine is known for its freshness. Plus, in between the food shots are photos of people enjoying food and smiling.