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If available, conifers are preferred. The Japanese Sparrowhawks were flown from the Yokosuka Naval Base as well as from platforms built on gun turrets of warships.

Although they were formerly released at the end of the season, many are now kept because of the scarcity of migrants. After appearing in the event, the aircraft was privately sold. When the eggs are laid, a lining of fine twigs or bark chippings is added.

Seriously, a great working relationship. The facilitators have a great ability of setting the realistic scene and challenging your process and procedures to ensure all are fit for purpose. Eurasian sparrowhawks are also popular in Ireland.

Seriously a great working relationship

Always an admirable team to work with and much appreciated. One hawk returned twice to the area of the loft, while new birds began to visit two other lofts.

The facilitators have a great