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He had been a deist and

Ultimately, as Christopher Grasso argues in this definitive work, it molded the making and eventual unmaking of American nationalism. Anyone who has ever wondered about the status of ir religion in American society will need to wrestle with this remarkable book.

But there is more to Babcock than this. He had been a deist and had begun reading the Bible in earnest earlier that year to sharpen his arguments against it. For him, skepticism about the truth of Christianity was both a personal problem and a threat to his community. The socioeconomic transformations wrought by new markets and new modes of industrial production after launched a new generation of social and religious radicalism.

The eminently quotable Alexis de Tocqueville said, after all, that Americans were skeptical about everything but religion. Grasso contends, were at the center the country's search for a self-definition. Turner's is not a study about the struggle with doubts about God, the Bible, and the church. Whereas previous historical explanations of this state of affairs looked to our supposed Puritan heritage, more recent interpretations have focused on precisely the period of my study.

But there is more to Babcock

He was also a revealing but not necessarily a representative thinker, and perhaps he was just projecting his own experience onto the nation. This book examines Americans wrestling with faith and doubt as they tried to make sense of their world. William Alcott was a prolific writer, focusing on education and health reform. At the time I wondered to what degree Stiles's concerns could represent much more than his own religious and intellectual development. Historical biography can also illuminate larger social relations and the workings of politics.