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Skating Under the Wire by Joelle Charbonneau download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Although Sean is still far from perfect, and still does certain things that make me growl, I was overall very impressed by his behavior in this novel. So strong and self-confident, I love it. There is a cute pet raccoon in this novel.

She's not cowed into considering giving up investigating just because Lionel throws a fit every time she does it. It doesn't ruin romance or sex scenes. Since danger could be involved, it would be best if I faced that danger prepared.

To understand I couldn't just

Actually, she's just angry that he's talking about a woman this way. To make things even worse, he doesn't call her or see her for hours afterward. In this one, full-time roller-rink owner and part-time P. Of course, Rebecca is anxiously looking at her phone every five minutes and seriously starting to doubt herself. One example is when Sean acts like a jerk, bragging about a date and then accusing Rebecca of being jealous.

To understand I couldn't just wait around for things to happen. She seems to exhibit great backbone and some self-confidence that I really enjoyed seeing.

She seems to exhibit