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It is also possible that some of the locations may prove to be inaccurate. She is the oldest known wreck of a slave trading ship to be identified by name. The Spanish treasure galleon contained tons of treasure. Recovered artifacts and gold pieces are on display.

When a final calculation of salvaged materials was made, more gold and silver had been recovered than had been listed on the original lists of cargo. She is located in a white sand pocket surrounded by turtle grass. We do not list reef structures made from concrete culverts etc. These are simply two different ways of expressing the same value.

In modern times, many of the wrecked vessels have been discovered. Many of these wrecks have tales to tell. When they pulled up ivory tusks from Africa, they thought the ship below had been to Africa. The City of Washington and Benwood are examples of modern vessels that came to grief in the Keys. And while we may tend to think of historic wrecks first, not all of the shipwrecks are old.

Abundant marine life inhabits her grave. This is primarily due to the depth of water to be found here. We list the acknowledgements at the bottom of the list. Salvage work continued for years. This will allow the sanctuary to investigate further.

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Silver and gold-laden treasure ships sailed along the Florida coastline. Think of a degree as an hour. Explorers and settlers arrived in Florida by ship. But many ships were wrecked because of hurricanes, coastal reefs, shallow shores, and even pirates. Eleven ships and a number of the settlers were lost before the ships could finish unloading.

The ship then sank near Key West. Soon, Spain began taking the riches of the Aztec and Incan empires to Europe.