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Secret Heiress, Secret Baby by Emily McKay download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Both Meg and Grant had to face the demons of their pasts before they could have a chance to have a life together. His feelings for Meg also grew, but opening up to her was something he couldn't do. After a short affair, he disappeared one night, never contacting her again. As seen in the previous books in the series, the three brothers had been given the task of finding their illegitimate half sister. Needless to say, he was quite angry about the deception, and determined to get Meg and Pearl into his life.

She tries to explain her feelings and let him know what she needs from him, but his cynicism won't let him believe in the possibility. Finding out about Pearl had him even more determined to protect them. So he planned to seduce her and use her to get the Cain shares that he could use to destroy the company. Though he'd been away from her for so long, his hatred of the Cain family had him worried about Meg.

She wants to be able to trust him, and he thinks that it is impossible to trust anyone, especially him. He knew he wanted them in his life, but his way of going about it sent Meg running instead.

One of the things I liked about Meg was that she was a lot stronger than anyone gave her credit for. Meg had also found herself pursued by Grant Sheppard, later finding out th Excellent conclusion to the series. She doesn't want anything to do with the inheritance, just wants enough to pay for her daughter's medical needs. She then goes to the Cains, who contrary to what she expected, welcome her with kindness and open arms. Finding out that he still has secrets threatens what she thought they were building.

He knew he wantedShe wants to be

Grant had spent his entire life hating Hollister Cain and his family for what he did to Grant's family. Meg has always known about her father and brothers, but has wanted nothing to do with them. Her daughter, who is also Grant's daughter that she never told him about, needs surgery.

Her father had used her mother to get something he wanted and then abandoned her. He had followed Meg to her brother's house, needing to talk to her about their past relationship, and the fact that he still wanted her. He was afraid that they would use her and manipulate her and yes, he saw the irony in those fears and that she would have no way to protect herself. He did not expect to start to have feelings for her and feel guilty about his plans, so he abandoned that plan and snuck away.