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Santa Fe Passage by Jon R. Bauman download in iPad, pdf, ePub

The antagonism between her and Kirby changes to a mutual attraction after Kirby heroically saves several lives along the trail. Clair Faith Domergue refuses to part ways with her. Other hygenic shortcomings of the time and place are also graphically described.

The antagonism between her

Kirby discovers that the woman was Aurelie's mother. Aurelie has a half-interest in a shipment of ammunition being delivered to Mexican soldiers. Although the characterization is weak and the Horatio Alger story line predictable, I found the depiction of life in Santa Fe in the period from through interesting.

Kirby ends up face-to-face with Satank, who is about to kill him when the old woman, Ptewaquin, saves him by killing the Indian chief at the cost of her own life. This film is in the Public Domain because the copyright has either expired or is no longer valid for various reasons or the film was not copyrighted at all. Any one who passed Fourth Grade geography knows how that turned out. His hatred gone, he and Aurelie plan to be married in the manner of her mother's people.

Clair Faith Domergue refuses to