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Rapid Revision in Clinical Pharmacology by Ben Greenstein download in iPad, pdf, ePub

As healthcare professionals ourselves we understand

Case studies accompany most chapters, and answers to questions posed in the case studies appear at the end of each chapter. Full color product and package images as well as product storage information are included in the detailed How Supplied section. Monographs Get concise, accurate, clinically-relevant information on all U. The widespread adoption of the first thirteen editions indicates that this book fills an important need.

The publisher may be contacted for further information. As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand that it's all about balancing the need for speed with accurate and comprehensive answers. Clinical Calculators from MedCalc Instantly subtract minutes of complicated calculations from your drug dosing and clinical evaluation routines. Additionally, she serves as a clinical preceptor for several nurse practitioner programs.

She served eight years in the Army Nurse Corps.

Author believes that the fourteenth edition will satisfy this need even more successfully. With this module comes extensive information regarding drug-drug and drug-solution stability and compatibility, and expanded information for extemporaneous compounded products e. Wirfs has completed, published, and presented six quantitative research studies focusing on nursing education and clinical practice, including one for the Army Medical Department. We know how valuable your time is. Wirfs has achieved the academic rank of professor with tenure in two university systems.

Increase Productivity Having one source for all drug-related answers is key. Peptides and proteins as drugs. Continued expansion of the coverage of general concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters. To ensure safety and accuracy, health professionals must have the right tools for managing international medication encounters. Drug products may be recognized by different names or have different ingredients depending on the country of origin.

Fibrinolytic and antifibrinolytic drugs. We quickly trained the nursing staff to look up many of their own medication questions, incompatibilities, as well as print patient medication information sheets.

The publisher may be

OnFormulary also reduces the time clinicians spend resolving formulary problems, cutting administrative costs. It is a must-have book for both seasoned and new physician assistants. Systems targeted by drugs.