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Psychosomatische Vorsorgemedizin by Felix Badelt download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Basically, all ailments for which a causal Orthodox-medicine therapy is possible and nec- essary should be treated operation, radiation etc. Armed with knowledge of the temperament, one can offer the patient tailor-made life counseling. In combination with other therapies such as psychotherapy Basically, Psychosomatic Energetics can be combined with virtually all currently used therapies.

The success rate among older patients is somewhat lower. These enter into resonance with the conflict, gradually dissolving it. Mental maturation is best accomplished by dissolving the Central Conflict, but the patient must, of course, con- tribute something as well, so that there will be emotional progress. All four of these character types have many variations. Unlike psychoanalysis, the patient does not need to grapple with the stressful themes.

Basically all ailments for

Melancholic Schizoid type These four types correspond to specific ailment predis- positions. At the end of the main test, the remedy test is used to determine which additional remedies the patient will need. However, there are no actual structural changes in the gut, so stress and emotions might still play a role. For example, in lay language, the term often encompasses illnesses with no physical basis at all, and even illnesses that are faked malingering. Resolving the first conflict usually takes four to five months, after which another conflict often appears, need- ing in its turn several months of therapy.

Armed with knowledge of

Addressing such factors is the remit of the applied field of behavioral medicine. An experi- enced therapist develops a feel for temperament, based on a particular basic theme that manifests itself in various aspects of personality and behavior.