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The paranormal is there along side human manipulation. She then says she's going to cut first period to watch the opening ceremony on the Circus Gothica train with Tucker who is free first period covering for her, much to Danny's concern. But to be honest, I think the story would have been better served to just have romantic tension between the two lead characters and focused on the murder mystery.

Sam and Tucker were also there, but the Nasty Burger's vat of condiments exploded, killing everyone except Danny. Sam's parents forbid her to go, but she states that they already have tickets. When she wakes up, she realizes that Danny had saved her. Turning human, he hides from the police and watches the opening ceremony with her. Tucker tries to grab the staff but fails, and Danny grabs it.

Meanwhile, Sam and Tucker leap onto the train from atop a bridge where they are surrounded by the circus ghosts, Freakshow, and Danny himself. However his determination to save his family and friends caused Danny to unleash the Ghostly Wail power, which he had used earlier while under attack by future versions of ghosts he had fought. He also thought that his ghost half would be free of all emotion, ridding him of the pain and guilt that he was feeling. Dark Danny has the combined powers of Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius at his command, making him extremely powerful. Yet, when the confrontation with the killer occurs - no explanation at all of how the security system was gotten around without some record - it is just dropped.

His battle with all four ends in disaster when they escape before the cops come, making the cops think Danny is the thief. Seeing his friend again in danger, Danny quickly flies over, drops the staff, and grabs Sam, who passes out for a few seconds. Personality Actually, that was me.

Sam sneaks in backstage where she meets Freakshow. Overall some good paranormal chills, otherwise a lot of missed potential. Danny in the meantime has just robbed Amity Park museum with the other circus ghosts, escaping and attacking the police. Sam and Tucker look for Danny inside Freakshow's train, but are blasted out by Danny and the trai Danny Phantom Grim Reaper n leaves with Freakshow, Danny, and three of the other circus ghosts. However he was seen smashing against the sides of thermos, apparently attempting to escape.

There is upfront an emphasis on the Senator's wife being in a locked and security alarmed house when she supposedly jumps from her balcony committing suicide. Sam and Tucker are able to break through to Danny, but Freakshow immediately reclaims him. Dark Danny captures Sam and Tucker. Freakshow encourages the goths to show the parents their true colors all black and to let them see them for who they are.

There is upfront an emphasis onSam and Tucker are able