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Origami Kit For Dummies by Nick Robinson download in iPad, pdf, ePub

All that is sufficient for a

Yes, it includes a packet of origami paper so the beginner can begin immediately on opening the book. All that is sufficient for a useful book, but there is much more offered by the author.

Some photographs of the completed models would have been instructive. But these are trivial matters. Best of all, he has been a teacher of origami over decades and experienced the requirements of instruction.

The model on the cover is not included in the text. The layout of the material is attractive and the writing is welcoming. What he communicates is valuable for the beginner and a necessary reminder for the expert. Next is an examination of different methods for drawing diagrams, some creativity tips, and a touch of copyright issues, important these days.

Yes it includes a packet

Included in the kit is an expert guide book to origami, covering the different bases and techniques you need to create a huge variety of models. And there is the required plentitude of excellent models to captivate both the beginner and expert. As such it is a bargain and I award it a richly-deserved five stars.

The origami paper is not the usual sheet white on one side and color on the other side, not conforming to the illustrations. Nick Robinson is a creator of original models who understands the creative process and communicates possibilities to the reader. The book is not quite perfect. It's a comprehensive guide filled with excellent diagrams, clear text and practical information. The book opens with an introduction to origami, discussing folding materials and tools, followed by a detailed explanation of the basic symbols.

This is far more than a barebones collection of models, however valuable such a lively gathering is. Robinson is a well-rounded, great teacher so all who seek to be stimulated by this craft, realizing that we are actually and always dummies, will enjoy his Origami Kit For Dummies. It features a variety of new and old models suitable for teachers of origami and the more experienced folder.