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Instead I chose to think about

The effect of infidelity on a marriage and family is laid out with extraordinary honesty. It wasn't by way of an introduction, although years later I did wonder how that might have gone.

Never take each other for granted, and be careful not to get caught up in emotions because our emotions can deceive us. She is the controversial stage madam who Georgie has been chosen to play, in a one-woman show titled Shakespeare's Woman.

Our marriage was a mess, and a lot of that was my fault. Instead, I chose to think about the future we were building. My wife's first reaction was stunned disbelief, as was mine. At that moment, I didn't know what to say.

One afternoon I walked into our bedroom and noticed she'd left her diary on the bed. As we extinguished the brushfires, the intimacy grew, and our love grew.

Instead, I started to read. The more I understood about my wife, and respected those God-given differences, the less we argued. It is easier now to see that he was a more astute people-watcher than he seemed. Told from the perspective of the cuckolded husband, however, it becomes so much more than that.

Our marriage was a