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Loyalists and women, traditionally neglected in the telling of American history. Consequently, in using reason to apprehend its true nature, a correctly withdrew from the allusions of desire and willed temperance in the face of pleasure. While scholars have previously considered Simms as primarily a poet, editor, and writer of fiction, Sean R. From the moment he first saw her in the church of St. The exercise of reason could, however, be inhibited by an attachment to corporeal phenomena or the fleeting attractions of transient passions.

Since happiness consisted primarily in the avoidance of pain, happiness demanded that the potential suffering to which desire exposed a person be limited. The Icy Fire and the Discovery of the Individual It would perhaps not be unjust to describe the Renaissance as the great age of desire. In later years, however, this common theme of early Christianity was given its fullest expression by St. For Gnostics, the demiurge was unaware of the existence of the true divinity, and hence created the world in ignorance. And until its final, jarring stages, this history is a tale of ambiguity, paradox, individuality, and utopian dreaming.

Thus, seen from one perspective, the pursuit of mere sexual desire is almost the antithesis of moral action for Kant. In one tale, Masetto of Lamproecchio pretends to be dumb so that he can work as a gardener at a convent, only for his rippling muscles to induce each of the nuns to take him off to bed in turn. In that sexual desire ties us to others with bonds of such incredible strength, it serves as perhaps the most basic mainspring of the dynamic between the self and society.

So are the longshoremen and the officers and crew of the ship. Weaving Augustinian themes into his poetry, Petrarch contrasted the true happiness of the life to come with the lustful pleasures he pursued so ardently. Passengers swim in outdoor pools, play tennis, shoot clay pigeons, enjoy deck games, and exercise in the gymnasium. The spirit and the body were hence placed in stark opposition.

The Icy Fire and the Discovery

Roth, the president of the Matson shipping line. Second, in thrall to her physical beauties, her purity and her virtue, the knight confessed his passion, only to be rejected by the lady. Augustine, however, went further. This social dimension of desire embraces an infinite number of variations.

In his numerous erotic novels and plays, and most notably in the Days of Sodom, he explored the life of sexual passion and perversion in more vivid terms than ever before. The way in which desire is given shape, given rein, or held in check, touches upon the core of self-identity.

It, alone of all our affections, demands that we are not alone and compels us with irresistible urgency to seek the most intimate society of others. Years later, the lady comes to visit him in his isolated hut, and finding his larder empty, Federigo kills his beloved falcon so that the lady may have something to eat. The Lurline is about to embark on her maiden voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu.

Since happiness consisted primarily in

Seeing his true qualities, the lady immediately falls for him. They lounge in deck chairs or relax in the Veranda Cafe while they sip pineapple cocktails.