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And our current model is broken. For instance, he notes, all project managers face similar pressures from finite financial resources and schedules.

And people here at Johnson, we have our own culture. Sandra explains why businesses need our trust, how they violate it, and what they can do to recover. They have had amazing successes, as have we. By bringing employers and workers together and solving key challenges of contracting at a distance, digital labor platforms are changing the way work is done.

What you find when you bring the two organizations together is the cultural differences. Orion will launch atop the new Space Launch System. Digital ninjas, he says, help a lot. You want to invest whatever money is available, whatever schedule is available, into making the spacecraft as good as possible, giving it as much performance as possible.

For instance he notes

With those interfaces, you establish a good relationship and you work through the different things. Orion will be instrumental in building a Deep Space Gateway, a space port that will be placed in a stable orbit around the moon. There are always going to be problems.

And our current model is broken

Keep the project moving forward despite setbacks. Caregiving benefits, she argues, are not only perks, but are critical to competitiveness for employers and the overall economy. Orion will redefine space travel, taking humans farther than they have ever gone, eventually to Mars. Orion is a multi-center project.