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For example, Alula Pankhurst has produced films about peacemaking among Ethiopian communities. He noted in particular that leaders who had been successful at violent strategies were counter-productive in peace time, simply because these strategies now had to be abandoned. It does not dodge the tough questions. Peacemaking in smaller, traditional societies has often involved rituals. There are a lot of synergies between investment for peace and investment for poverty and hunger reduction.

The book emphasizes that reconstruction requires addressing moral, social, and economic concerns. Versions of Just War doctrines have claimed that countries and people should keep peace at all cost. The tradition of Christianity continues to be taken up by those who seek peace.

The right of a ruler toThe Colombian conflict is

The right of a ruler to go to war must meet the criteria of just cause, comparative justice, competent authority, right intention, probability of success, last resort, and proportionality. The Colombian conflict is the present day, prime Catholic example. The book implicitly points at the need for new ways of how development agents, peace enforcing military, government and judiciary can and must come together to be more effective. This book is a stimulating compilation of relevant research drawing attention on the many dimensions that need to be dealt with after a conflict ends. However peacemaking is a universal and age-old approach to conflict at all levels and among any and all parties, and its principles may be generalized and used in many different kinds of conflicts.

It is an essential guide for all those who are interested in peacebuilding. The process of peacemaking is distinct from the rationale of pacifism or the use of non-violent protest or civil disobedience techniques, though they are often practiced by the same people. However, the end of the conflict is not a sufficient condition for a peaceful post-conflict era.