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It is essential that you add at least two inches of compost and well-aged manure to your soil at this point, and work it in. This is a fairly common problem and can be corrected with a small amount of lime of gypsum. Also, plant tallest vegetables on the north end of your garden, medium height plants in the center, and shortest plants on the south end of your garden.

If you don't have access to a plot of ground, consider making a container, vertical or hanging vegetable garden. Small vegetable transplants do not have well-established root systems, so take care that they do not completely dry during the first few weeks. If tilling up the soil seems like too much work, consider creating a raised bed, square-foot garden, or container garden in a sunny location. Start by choosing a level area of your yard that gets the most sunshine.

Make a vegetable garden plan. Or if available, you can use a garden rototiller.

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The next step when making a vegetable garden is to dig the soil with a spade and loosen up all the clumps. Making a vegetable garden can a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family.

Layout your garden rows from north to south when making a vegetable garden, to prevent shading your plants. It is always a good idea to mark off your garden area with wooden stakes and string. Use small stakes and string to mark your garden rows for planting. Water your newly planted garden frequently, as the seeds need to be damp in order to sprout.

Layout your garden rows