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Los Angeles's Best Dive Bars by Lina Lecaro download in iPad, pdf, ePub

The regulars are a diverse and friendly crew. If you're in the mood for cold beer, quiet conversation, and throwing peanut shells over your shoulder, Chez Jay is the place.

Han wisely kept the Sunday-Thursday boilermaker specials, darts, pool table and stellar jukebox. If not for the tiny stage karaoke, comedy and occasional bands are offered it would be like grandpa's house. For years, the Chimneysweep has been a gathering spot for Ohio transplants during football and basketball season.

Split a bucket of malt liquor with your buddies and kick it with longshoremen and other blue collar regulars. It's got a diverse jukebox, cheap drinks, an old pool table and worn-in stools for contemplating life's questions.

They also have one of the thickest and most reasonably priced whiskey and scotch collections out there. The crowd tends to be pretty diverse, ranging from older locals to newcomers, and things usually get pretty lively.

But the main reason to check out this wondrous, fire-inspired tavern is the art. At night, the crowd picks up and there's usually a good sample of confident, if not talented, singers for karaoke. Thankfully, Los Angeles offers plenty of great divey watering holes where you can happily lose a few hours without spending much. Well, Embers is worth the drive to get your drink on. Food isn't a requirement - however, free popcorn or other snackables is a plus, and some dives offer killer grub to soak up the booze.

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It's very much just a bar, and it's not too clean. Order up a drink, put in your requests at the jukebox and settle in to a worn, plush booth. The endless free popcorn and the digital jukebox are much appreciated, as are the comfy couches in the back room, which also has a pool table and darts.

The regulars are a diverse and