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If sensibility already played an

In that respect, the trace of the Good is always present within Being, as a possibility that something other than consumption or instrumentalization may take place. On the basis of these descriptions, transcendence comes to pass in several stages. He will therefore concentrate on what it means for a human being to posit itself, in an act that is not already abstracted from its everyday life.

If sensibility already played an important role in Totality and Infinity, sensibility will now be traced back to the density of the flesh itself. The central wager of Otherwise than Being is to express affectivity in its immediacy, with minimal conceptualization. Unlike Heidegger's Being, these states are not abstract. The power and freedom of the Same are called into question.

We do not choose to be responsible. It is and must remain a question too large for philosophy to know what explains the force of the other's expression. Among the most prominent of these are critiques by Simon Critchley and Stella Sandford.

The proposed jury included his friend and mentor, Jean Wahl, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty who collapsed before the time of Levinas's defense. If Being resonates in the verb to be, then transcendence must belong either to Being and verbality, or transcendence must differ from them.

If family and State represent two irreconcilable instances in Levinas's thought, willing and ethical responsibility prove likewise irreconcilable. Yet Levinas never remained wholly within any one philosophical system. Like living, the time of sensibility occurs despite oneself.

Autochthonous, that is, rooted in what it is not, it is nevertheless, wtihin this enrootedness independent and separated. Being carries on as continuous presence for Levinas. This approach, along with the ubiquitous influence of Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption inflects the thinking of Levinas's work toward questions of ethics, justice, and the meaning of fraternity.

The central wager of