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Le dernier mot by Antoine Duport download in iPad, pdf, ePub

She had always remained in touch

Maria wants to return to her country. She is hurt and desperate. She has written a farewell letter to her daughter that is full of love, without bitterness.

Synopsis It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. But then Gustave Durieux arrives in Paris to see Maria. Theresa clings to Serge full of fear of being abandoned yet again. Theresa destroys all the pictures Maria had become fond of. But their reunion in Paris is not as happy as Maria had hoped.

To her, Gustave, the man with whom she had come to Paris as a girl and in whose care she had grown up, symbolizes a past full of fear, suspicion and hatred. However, she had never learnt to trust anyone else. There is a lot for her to do there. And so, Theresa had banished her mother from her very thoughts. Maria had been in love with Gustave, the French diplomat.

She fights for her daughter's love and succeeds in becoming closer to her through their common interest in Theresa's unusual paintings. Theresa has never forgotten that her mother had pretended Gustave would merely take her on a holiday to Paris and that she had withheld from her the fact that it would be a journey of no return.

However Maria refuses to give

When Theresa hears this, she realizes that she has been wronging her mother all these years. But the friendship between Serge and Maria makes Theresa rage with jealousy. But meanwhile, the Berlin Wall has fallen.

She had always remained in touch with Gustave and always known how her daughter was. However, Maria refuses to give up hope. Theresa, who has come to meet her mother at the Gare de l'Est, appears standoffish and not interested in this woman who has so suddenly entered her life. Theresa again begins to suspect that her mother is not to be trusted.