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In some cases, the vision between the eyes can differ to the point where one eye has twice average vision while the other eye is completely blind. In fact, it is a developmental problem in the nerve connecting the eye to the brain, not a problem in the eye itself. This has been confirmed by direct brain examination. Eye Patch Wearing an eye patch over your dominant eye can help strengthen your weaker eye. Sometimes surgery is required.

This is an alternative to wearing a patch. Treatment Amblyopia is a relatively common problem. While a large eye turn or deviation strabismus is easily spotted by the layman, amblyopia without strabismus or associated with a small deviation is usually not noticed by parents or pediatricians.

Treatment Amblyopia is

Treatment can be effective and the sooner it begins, the better. Because appointments can be brief and there's often a lot of ground to cover, it's a good idea to arrive prepared.

Both eyes must receive clear images during the critical period. Stimulus deprivation amblyopia This is the least common form of amblyopia. Deprivation amblyopia in infancy requires urgent treatment to prevent permanent vision loss. It is the most common cause of partial or total blindness in one eye in the U.