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Labor Unions, Partisan Coalitions, and Market Reforms in Latin America by Maria Victoria Murillo download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Other examples of the violence both by and against U. However, the Argentine government historically has taken advantage of its labor partners. However, the disagreements between the Moyano and Rueda factions run deeper than small-scale politicking. Menem privatized large, state-owned industries, such as the utilities, telephone and steel companies, and in the transition from the public to the private sector, many jobs were lost. Unions grew in number and coverage.

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For example, in the s, then President Menem warned the unions of an impending economic crisis should they ignore the need for labor reform, causing them to acquiesce to damaging labor give-backs. In the following presidential elections, unions broke from their tradition of voting as a bloc, splitting their votes between various Peronist Party factions. Moyano attacks his enemies behind the shield of a governmental mandate. The struggle between Rueda and Moyano is a battle between the old and the new. On both the theoretical and the empirical sides, experts have not reached any consensus.

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Regardless, the economy crashed later in the decade, and the labor market was hit particularly hard. For the United States, national arrest rates are simply impossible to compile.