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Dyre also explains that theStill the task

They elected Walter de Cronberg grand master, whose appointment was ratified by the Emperor, Charles V. They had also a new enemy to encounter in the Duke of Pomerania, who had been their ally, but who now sided with the Prussians against them.

The annals and archives of the order were transferred to the custody of the King of Poland, and were lost or destroyed during the troubles that subsequently came upon that kingdom. The third dignitary was the grand hospitaler, who had the superintendence of the hospitals and of all that related to their management.

The greater part of these were German immigrants, since the original inhabitants had either perished in the war or retired to Lithuania. Meanwhile, Jarael is im prisoned aboard a Mandalorian ship that enters the ongoing naval battle between the forces of Mandalore the Ultimate and the Republic Navy. This was followed shortly afterward by an agreement between the order and the King of Denmark, by which the former undertook the defence of the kingdom against its pagan neighbors.

At the request of the grand master he also sent missionaries into Prussia to preach the reformed doctrines. There were also internal difficulties and dissensions, and contests with the bishops. Three marks and a half a year were the wages of a carpenter or smith, two and a half marks of a coachman, a mark and a half of a laborer, two marks of a domestic servant, and half a mark of a nurse. Gerard, Count of Holstein, however, came forward as the defender of the knights. One authority reckons the population of Prussia at this time at two million one hundred and forty thousand eight hundred.

Still the task outgrew the means at his command, and in order to increase his charity he began to solicit alms. Dyre also explains that the Mandalorians invaded Vanquo because of the Padawan Massacre, as Mandalore took the recall of the Jedi from Taris to be an opportunity for attack. Shortly after, Luther wrote a vigorous letter to the knights of the order, in which he maintained that it was of no use to God or man. The grand master, Ulric de Jungingen, was slain, with several hundred knights and many thousand soldiers.