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Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry by Susan Libes download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Of all the subdisciplines of oceanography, marine chemistry relies most heavily on a multidisci- plinary approach, now referred to as marine biogeochemistry. The problem sets included at the end of each chapter encourage students to ask critical questions in this exciting new field. This makes formulation of a suitable introductory textbook challenging given the enormous diversity of important topics and complexity of approaches now in use. The first two chapters of the book provide an introductory overview of biogeochemical and physical oceanography.

International interest in utilizing and conserving this vast resource has given rise to undergraduate and graduate degree programs in oceanography. Evelyn Hutchinson is credited with outlining the broad scope and principles of this new field. The cycles of trace elements such as the trace metals and the radionuclides are also studied.

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This has led to an appreciation of the critical role that the oceans play in regulating atmospheric and thereby, terrestrial processes.

Though it is written as a textbook, it will also be of interest to more advanced scientists as a wide-ranging synthesis of our present understanding of ocean biogeochemical processes. These are often bracketed into larger disciplines such as earth science and environmental science. This research has obvious applications in the exploration for ore deposits and oil, and in remediation of environmental pollution. Lovelock emphasizes a concept that life processes regulate the Earth through feedback mechanisms to keep it habitable.