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Second, the words invoke mental images that might also conflict with what we see. We can very easily be drawn in to imagined scenes of picture making, and a good bit of the meaning these pictures hold for us has to do with how we play out the roles they cast us in. For me, seeing a sort of doll's face or mask in the fire invites this human association with the digital eternally unforgotten. At this time an increasing number of artists began to consciously combine text with their imagery to widen the discourse of the critics. Since Klein's sensitivity was immaterial, the purchaser was then required to burn the certificate whilst Klein threw half the gold leaf into the Seine.

The challenge to such possibility comes when curatorial practice intercedes on behalf of the established institutions of government and commerce, the galleries and museums. Langer is also often quoted. David Bolter and Richard A. Piero Manzoni created The Base of the World, thereby exhibiting the entire planet as his artwork.

This completes the turning of the tables on the viewer, who becomes, finally, the viewee. In broad outline, of course, this is conventional to and beyond the hackneyed point, selling the camera as a sex-appeal-enhancing possession. Both writers acknowledge the primacy of language as a component of the experience of art, having roots in the philosophical work of Wittgenstein among others. Others find visual and verbal meanings more dissimilar than similar, with the visual lacking a kind of determinacy for which verbal language seems better suited. Wall are waiting for you to come to the camera to take the shot, or they are about to take your picture.

The challenge to such possibility

This question of the nature and indeterminacy of visual meaning will be the first point we will take up. But we are also forced to confront our profoundly untested confidence in both text and image. What both Burgin and Stahel ignore is Newton's opening up of the scene of the work and the consequences of glamour photography.

Langer is also often

By this stage, many of his works are fabricated by third parties. Some say that images work via a second communicative system, one fully as expressive as natural language, but separate and structured independently of it. These major events have introduced colloquiums as a means of managing the discourse emerging from new work, useful to artists spread across the globe and useful to new audiences eager to understand.