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Hybrid Media Events by Johanna Sumiala download in iPad, pdf, ePub

Mix questions from the room with the perspective from virtual participants. If you have two dedicated roles ensure that you provide detailed briefing notes so it is clear who will manage and say what and at what time. If done correctly though running a hybrid event can broaden your audience and exposure, offer an international perspective and provide a richer experience for everyone involved. Take a few moments during your introduction to look into the camera and specifically welcome the virtual attendees, as well as those physically in the room with you. Virtual attendees demand and deserve more.

Brief the Chair to explain to them what is going on. This book provides a new way of thinking about the idea of the hybrid in global media events. In addition, the book examines how emotions, speed of communication and fight for attention become hybridized in the digital media.

Event Managers must ensure they clearly communicate deadlines to speakers with plenty of notice and explain why it is so important to receive the absolute final copy by this date. In the second phase, quantitative social network analytics are applied to construct the digital field for research. Becki set up the business in her early twenties and is particularly passionate about conferences, innovation, entrepreneurship and the legacy of events. In the first phase, preliminary digital ethnography is applied to provide the outline of the event.

The article outlines three key phases for research in which the interplay between quantitative and qualitative approaches is played out. Keep to Time You probably work hard to keep all your events close to time but this is even more vital when providing a live stream. Whether you are preparing to present to a virtual audience or planning a hybrid event for the first time I hope that these tips are useful. Strong Facilitation Have a strong, well briefed facilitator who can be the key link between both the live attendees and virtual delegates. Rehearse Ensure you are clear about where the cameras are located and ideal positioning on the stage, including camera black spots to avoid.

This book provides a

Be Prepared With a hybrid event information such as slides, video and other background information need to be prepared, loaded onto the web streaming portal and tested in advance. The article is structured as follows. Ideally there should be time to privately practice presenting the first few slides to the room. If it is important to include participant discussions consider how this information will be fed back to everyone to make it inclusive. Secondly, the article introduces a multi-method approach developed for the analysis of hybrid media events.

Brief the Chair to explain

This post looks at some of the basics to consider. All these aspects, the authors argue, shape the ways in which we make sense of global media events in the present digital age.

There is some emerging evidence from a number of events of a high conversion rate from virtual attendees to actual loyal delegates at future events. This can enable very quick, visual feedback. Event Planners and speakers also potentially need to work harder to hold the attention of virtual delegates and compete against the distractions of the home or work environment to keep them tuned in. As an Event Manager take extra time to make sure that your speakers are comfortable and well briefed.