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Staircases are important structures in a home because, most often, they mark the transition from public to private spaces. We look forward to every new project.

The Glulam timber and synthetic adhesives used are exceptionally resistant to the chemical attack of most acids, rust and various corrosive agents. We use cookies to ensure a pleasant experience for you. Our Glulam exposed beams are captivating to the eye, and they enhance the aesthetic appeal of all roof structures that we manufacture.

Glulam can be used in almost

Respect We are respectful of wood. We are respectful of our fellows. When working with Rubner, this is the kind of respect we will meet you with. Manufacturer of timber roof structurs, staircases, laminated beams and free forms.

We are true timber construction experts

We are true timber construction experts and have realised a multitude of outstanding and complex projects. Glulam can be used in almost every kind of construction for roofs, door and window beams, columns, and rafters. Each project presents new challenges trying to get the best out of wood as a raw material. Customisation With everything we do, we always try to find the best solution for every customer.