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Attempts at discussion between the factions evoked further anger on both sides. He had not the genius to find a way out of the French entanglement or the skill to steer a constitutional monarchy between rival factions. While Edward of Lancaster still lived, he rendered the removal of Henry pointless. Margaret, true to character, was not going to accept this meekly.

This move was instigated by Gloucester's enemies, the Earl of Suffolk, whom Margaret held in great esteem, and the aging Cardinal Beaufort and his nephew, Edmund Beaufort, Earl of Somerset. He continued to utterly crush the Lancastrian cause at the decisive and bloody Battle of Towton in Yorkshire. However, by this time, years in hiding followed by years in captivity had taken their toll on Henry. Light hair had been found to be covered in blood, with damage to the skull, strongly suggesting that the king had indeed died due to violence.

Religious observances and study

Henry himself laid the foundation-stones of both buildings. Edward, Earl of March, York's able eldest son, aged eighteen and now leader of the Yorkist cause, retaliated and defeated the Lancastrians at Mortimers Cross. The court party was also strengthened by the announcement that the Queen was pregnant.

Edward had now exterminated the direct line of the House of Lancaster with ruthless efficiency. His murdered body was found on the beach at Dover. Albans to Cripplegate, he saw a quarter of a man impaled there for treason.

While the Duke of

While the Duke of York was the main figure on the Yorkist side, Margaret, Henry's queen, took charge of the Lancastrian cause. Religious observances and study were his chief occupations. The first to name Richard of Gloucester as the murderer is probably the Frenchman Philippe de Commines writing in around and John Rous in his Historia de Regibus Anglie, written around the same time. The king's cousin, Richard, Duke of York was appointed Lord Protector, to the annoyance of the Queen, who strongly felt that she and her party should govern England.

This only contributed to the erosion of Henry's prestige and authority. Edward failed to capture Henry and his queen, who fled to Scotland.