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Other sightings include an abandoned bride and ghostly dancers twirling in the Barefoot Ballroom. The baby's mother has been seen running through the cemetery. Perhaps there are visual sightings as well.

We have added a giant movie screen and outdoor performers. Most haunted in Eureka Springs is the Crescent Hotel, where guests and staff members often claim to see apparitions. Fayetteville has its paranormal visitors, too. He wears pajamas and is often playing or seeking a kitten. Each room is uniquely themed and different from the next, complete with eerie hallways, darkness, strobe lights and macabre music.

There are two legends to

Local legend has it that if you drop a rock into the well in the center of the cemetery at night, you will hear the baby crying. You'll need to ask a local how to find the place. It is said that at Tilly Willy Bridge on S. Locals say it is the spirit of a man who was hit by the train and was decapitated.

The historic building has its share of haunts. An apparition of a Confederate soldier and another of an elderly female also have been seen in the building. It closed again in the early s and now has been opened again, and presents musical performances. One is Caraway Hall, where students describe noises in the attic, footsteps on the stairs and whispers in the hallways. Ask about Michael, one of the more infamous ghosts.

The museum is said to be haunted, and ghost tours are available through local hotels. Folks say that a woman and her newborn died here when she drove off the bridge. No word on who he was or what he's doing there, though. Believer or skeptic, it's a fascinating discussion. She has been seen walking along the dirt road off Sandtown Road.

Legend has it that when the driver arrives at the address she gives, she simply disappears. Midnight red meat buffet, Indoor blood pools. Frequent screamer miles accepted.

There are two legends to explain the hauntings. Tombstones often move around the graveyard by themselves, and the ghostly noise of a flute playing has been heard in the early hours of morning. There is also the sound of a piano being played, when there is no one around.

Tombstones often move around the