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Good Money expanded to South Australia in with the launch of a store in Salisbury, and to Queensland in with stores in Cairns and Southport. He did not compare silver to gold, or gold to paper. Thus, the coins that circulate in the transaction will tend to be of the most debased sort available to the parties.

People prefer trading in coins rather than in anonymous hunks of precious metal, so they attribute more value to the coins of equal weight. Today all circulating coins are made from base metals, known as fiat money. Other examples of bad money include counterfeit coins made from base metal.

That was particularly serious because farmers began to hoard food. He also formulated a version of the quantity theory of money. Debasement was often done by the issuing body, where less than the officially specified amount of precious metal was contained in an issue of coinage, usually by alloying it with a base metal.

Coins of this type are of a known purity and are in a convenient form to handle. Those examples show that in the absence of effective legal tender laws, Gresham's Law works in reverse.

Then Reza applied to work as a Farsi interpreter. The price spread between face value and commodity value is called seigniorage. Legal tender laws act as a form of price control.

In Gresham's day, bad money included any coin that had been debased. Reza was hoping to find work and a happier life for his family. We support customers to make responsible and sustainable financial decisions that lead to greater social inclusion and long-term financial self-management. Gresham was not the first to state the law which took his name.

He did not compare silver