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Brooklyn won the first two games, but the third ended in a tie when the sun went down in the eighth inning. That's when you meet each other for the first time, when you have nothing. In the team officially adopted the name.

This marks the band's

On its second week on the chart, the single remained at the top spot. But the upstart Brooklyn team lagged far behind the perennial pennant winner the St.

They built a baseball park that opened about the same time as the Brooklyn Bridge. The Dodgers playing in the World Series for the second straight year. The Bridegrooms faced the Louisville Colonels, the American Association pennant winner, for the championship. Brooklyn and Louisville split the next four games so that they ended up with three wins apiece and a tie game.

The Bridegrooms still lost out to St. This is their third song that has hit both of these charts.

The song was certified

Louis on the final day of the season. By late October the weather was wet and cold and the fans were losing interest. Louis Browns now the Cardinals. Brooklyn captured its first major league pennant, edging out St.

The song was certified Gold in the U. This marks the band's first number-one single and third top-ten hit in Ireland. He also acquired several of St. First takes on the news of the minute from L. The next year the team joined the majors as part of the American Association.