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Nutrients in feed are broken down during extended holding times. Always read the feed label to ensure the proper withdrawal time. An insoluble grit should be provided when feeding scratch grain so the birds can grind and digest the grains properly.

Laying hens require large amounts of calcium for egg shell development. Also store feed in a clean, dry, rodent free area. Many coccidiostats need to be withdrawn from the feed for several days before the birds can be marketed. Problems associated with inadequate nutrition can occur quickly in the growing bird and often these problems are irreversible.

An extra source of calcium can be offered free choice in the form of ground oyster shell, calcite, or limestone. Since feed is packaged in pellet form, the bird is able to consume and metabolize a greater amount of feed. Therefore, if you decide to feed scratch grains to your birds it should be provided sparingly. Processing feed into pellet or crumble form increases the cost over the mash form. Scratch grains typically are cracked, rolled or whole grains such as corn, barley, oats or wheat which are low in protein and high in energy or fiber depending on which grains are used.

It is recommended to store feed bags in covered plastic trash cans or on wooden pallets so air can circulate under the bags. Diets formulated for layers should contain all of the calcium required by the hen. Different types of rations are formulated to meet the specific requirement of different types of birds. Do not store feed bags on a concrete floor because feed picks up moisture from the concrete. Formulating and mixing poultry feed is a complex process that ensures a diet contains all of the nutrients required by the bird.

Regardless of what form of feed you decide to feed your birds, it is important to handle it properly to maintain its nutritive value. Typical Feeding Programs Layer. What you think you may be saving in feed may cost you in bird performance. Birds of different ages and function have specific nutrient requirements, which are met by mixing together different feed ingredients.

It is recommended to store feedDiets formulated for layers should

In most cases, birds should have continued access to feed so that they are provided with the proper level of nutrients at all times. Feeding scratch grains to chickens is not necessary when they are receiving a complete diet. If the birds have access to the ground, they usually can find enough grit in the form of small rocks and stones.