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History has shown that once implemented, policies are difficult to terminate. Board of Education is a good example. You are not currently authenticated.

The emphasis was on analyzing the extent to which local officials in these communities targeted their block grant funds to their neediest areas. The president may have one approach to immigration reform, and the opposition-party members of Congress may have another.

The Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. However, physical development is also a concern of the program, evidenced by emphasis on projects that will rehabilitate particular neighborhoods. Moreover, the act was vague on whether primary benefit to low- and moderate-income persons meant assisting poor places, poor people, or both.

However physical development is

The process continues with adoption. It was effective in reducing highway fatalities and gasoline consumption. Specific events can place a problem on the agenda. Contradictory proposals are often made. Yet, in making such references the legislation was vague and ambiguous.

The Supreme Court's decision