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The Park now uses helicopters to locate them. The vegetation that goats eat provides cover for feral pigs. That being said, the people of the Galapagos are warm, welcoming, and express awareness of their situation.

There will always be impact, we just have to figure out how to minimize it. Tourism itself, however, can create other problems, such as invasive, introduced species and burgeoning population growth. But the implementation and enforcement of this law leaves much to be desired.

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It would be truly devastating. Methods are being developed to control parasitic flies that endanger their host birds, and attempts to eradicate fire ants from the larger islands and priority small islands are still going on. Although the ban has been replaced by a quota, there have continuously been strikes on the part of the fishermen. Fishermen were not filled with enthusiasm. The Charles Darwin Foundation, Inc.

Goats had severely damaged this vegetation

This means a limit to the number of tourists, restriction on the type of tourism development, and close monitoring of tourist impacts. Do not leave any garbage or litter on the Islands, or throw any off your boat.

The Galapagos and its people struggle with these challenges and seem to try desperately to strike a balance. Tourism also needs to be kept to sustainable levels.

How you can help When you stop at the Charles Darwin Research Station during your tour, feel free to leave a much appreciated donation. Goats had severely damaged this vegetation. This reduces the resilience of ecosystems, which are then less able to cope with environmental threats. Invasive species are often introduced accidentally.

This supports all terrestrial life on the islands. They can be unwittingly carried on boats and planes and can be difficult to eradicate once they arrive. This is putting pressure on resources and is increasing many environmental threats.