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Non-attached to his bodily sensations and lusts. Ends are expressed with verbs i. For the military this is the National Military Strategy. Force developmental strategies are based on future threats and objectives and are not limited by existing capabilities.

Ends are expressed

The most nearly free men have always been those who combined virtue with insight. If someone cared terminally about medicine, it would always be important to her that there is medicine. The purpose of this analysis is to highlight the internal and external factors that help define or may affect the specific objectives, concepts, and resources of the strategy. The last premise of a theory of strategy is that some risk is inherent to all strategy and the best any strategy can offer is a favorable balance against failure.

Tradeoffs Something important to keep in mind is that having more than one terminal value implies that there will have to be tradeoffs. At this juncture the line between strategy and planning merges with campaign planning that may be either at the theater strategic level or in the realm of Operational Art. The philosopher Immanuel Kant said that rational human beings should be treated as an end in themselves and not as a means to something else. Strategy is the domain of the senior leader at the higher echelons of the state, the military, business corporations, or other institutions.

The assumptions and premises of this theory have proven valid for analyzing and developing strategy. Conclusion Because of habit forming and presumably also the way our values evolved, we are sometimes tempted to mistake instrumental values for terminal values. One might add resources, use a different concept, or change the objective. National strategy is concerned with a hierarchy of objectives that is determined by the political purpose of the state.

Nonattached to his bodily sensations and