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The recently retired always seem to have the biggest axe to grind. Specifically, more debt is always needed to keep asset prices inflated and the wealth mirage visible. But Willem is mortal and always will be, lacking the Belladonna Antigen that would allow Sarafina to turn him, to share with him her own dark immortality.

And now the woman who will

We suspect President Trump and his followers will be underwhelmed by what effect, if any, the tax cuts have on the economy. Not your congressional representative. We are going to see proposals to cut health insurance for poor people, to take basic food support away from poor people, to attack Medicare and Social Security.

Aging baby boomers know

Not former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Not current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. He did the job everyone wanted him to do.

On Tuesday, he told Bloomberg Radio that the new tax bill will explode the debt and leave people sick and starving. Take Jack Lew, for instance. He did none of these things.

That is, he rolled over year after year in his quest for the expedient. What we take issue with is the timing of his two faced utterances. Instead, Lew played his part to perfection. One could not have made up a more cynical strategy.

And now the woman who will live forever finds herself well and truly doomed, irrevocably bound by love to a man who must one day die. Aging baby boomers know they need massive amounts of government debt to pay their social security, medicare, and disability checks.