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When questioned, they disclaim any effort to affect the outcome of the elections. It is quickly accepted by commanding General Forrest, and President Lee orders for Pleasants's name be kept a secret to avoid tipping off the Rivington men aware of Pleasants's real history.

Lee compares his fanaticism to that of John Brown. After much debate, both sides agree for Kentucky and Missouri to hold elections to determine whether they will remain in the Union or secede and join the Confederacy. That ticket comes in last in the popular votes but third in the electoral votes. Lee achieves a narrow victory after he wins Tennessee's electoral votes.

Unlike in the real battle, the infantry successfully capitalize on the opportunity. Finally, Lee questions their leader, Andries Rhoodie, who provides Lee a partially true explanation. He addresses them before personally surrendering to Lee. The Confederacy, in turn, gives up any claim to Maryland and West Virginia.

After much debate both

The weapons operate on chemical and engineering principles that are unknown to Confederate military engineers. Lee shows the books to Confederate Representatives in the hope that the future's nearly-universal condemnation of slavery and racism will convince them to vote for his plan for gradual abolition.

Coming in third place in the popular vote and last in the electoral, Radical Republican candidate John C. Lincoln and Hamlin come in second in both the popular and electoral votes. He believes that it is impossible to try to return to prewar conditions. The newcomers claim that white supremacy has not endured to the modern era and that blacks have marginalized whites. Lee at the headquarters of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Lee compares his fanaticism to

Well aware of the Rivington men's cruelty and treason, the Confederates spare the slave from any harm. He thinks that black guerrillas will continue to raid and perhaps prompt a general slave rebellion in the near future. As the men see the power of the new weapons, the Confederate morale improves considerably during preparations for the campaign against Union forces. To the amazement of most of the Confederate troops, Lincoln refused to flee the capital during their advance and appears on the White House lawn. Soon after being captured, Rhoodie is killed by an enraged slave.

Men with strange accents and oddly-mottled clothing approach Confederate General Robert E. That frightens many Confederate whites and infuriates the troops charged with fighting them, particularly Nathan Bedford Forrest and his men. In negotiations between the two countries, to which Lee is made a Confederate representative, the Union reluctantly agrees to pay millions of dollars in war reparations. They draw from their large supply of gold coins in the form of Krugerrands. They claim to be selling weapons, which is highly unlikely because of the group's overwhelming wealth.